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Fond du Lac Yacht Club Youth Sailing

Fond du Lac Yacht Club to offer beginning and advanced sailing class for area youth.
This year we will be getting back to normal by offering beginning and advanced classes.
Beginners will be in the morning and advanced will be in the afternoon.

This summer the Fond du Lac Yacht Club will again be offering free sailing classes as a public service to the youth of the Fond du Lac area. The FDLYC has been conducting the youth sailing school since 1959. Many of the volunteers are graduates of the great program.

The school offers instruction in 9’ O'Pen Bic, youth sailboats (up to150 lbs.) and in the 14' Laser’s, an Olympic class boats (greater than 135 lbs.) for those with more advanced sailing skills. There are a limited number of openings for these classes so register early. Also, parents are encouraged to help out during the lessons and learn themselves.

Students will be instructed on reading the wind, sailing at different angles to the wind, parts of the sailboat and how to rig a boat. Sailing terminology is practiced during classes. Knots are taught, such as the figure 8, bowline, and how to use a cleat. Students are taught what to do if capsized and how to recover which will make them more comfortable in the water. Weather awareness and sailing safety are always reinforced. Boating Rules of the Road are explained and practiced. And there is always an emphasis on fun!

If you child has interest to participate in this year’s program, download the form and submit it to the Fond du Lac Yacht Club as soon as possible as we are on a first come first served basis.  Contact Wanda at 920-979-3411 or by e-mail

Youth Sailing Application Form

If you are interested in what it looks like for kids who sail these O'Pen Bic boats, watch the videos linked below.

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