Race Results 2018

Tuesday Night Portsmouth

Early Season


  1. Ruben Witt

  2. Pete Chisholm


Tuesday Night Portsmouth

Late Season


  1. none


Malone Cup  -  Ruben Witt



I20 Both Seasons


  1. Jack Boatman

  2. Andy Gratton


I20 Overall – Jack Boatman


  1. Dan Entringer Memorial Cup – Jack Boatman


Pirates Cup: Boat of the Year – Jim Braun


Telescope Trophy – Marty Witt


Holiday Series Cup – Karin Whealon


Single Handed Race – Jack Boatman


Late Nimmer Cup Div II – Jim Braun


Mc Gually Plaque

          Cruiser – Dave Lallier

          Day Sailor – Rueben Witt


Lewis Trophy – Sailor of the Year


    Ruben & Wanda Witt


Cruiser Early and Late Seasons


  1. Viajante – Marty Witt

  2. Windbreaker – Jack Boatman

  3. Oasis – Jim Braun

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